Updated: Jan 29, 2019

"For the people that get bored with one type of workout anD travel every other week.. There's an app for us!"

To be honest with y’all.. I hate paying a whole bunch of membership fees! If you don’t pay attention, they pile up and you‘re paying out so much money that can be spent elsewhere! On top of that, you can’t even use that membership in every city you go to... This is why I use ClassPass!! I can literally get any type of workout I need, in any city, for ONE membership cost! This app has a variety of classes you can take and if you can't get away from the house/hotel/AirBnB you can pull up an online workout right on your phone!! It's literally that easy!! If you don't believe me try it out for yourself!! ClassPass is giving my subscribers 1 MONTH FREE but only for a limited time!! Stop whatever your doing, CLICK THE LINK BELOW, and lets take some classes together!! Send me a message/DM/email and tell me what classes y'all want to take!! Summer bods are built in the winter!! Lets get it!!

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