Pearly Whites

The holidays are here and this means DISCOUNTs!

Dr. Deborah Gennero and I

Getting my teeth whitened is essential to my self care. Every year its a must that I have all those coffee and wine stains removed so I can do it all over again the next year!! Dr. Deborah Gennero has been taking care of my teeth since I was little and I'll recommend her to anybody!! If you know me, when it comes to my teeth and hair I'm super picky about who I go to. With that being said I'm not big on going to these pop-up teeth whitening shops that you see on social media! I need the full treatment and protection that's needed when you're dealing with bleach!

With the Zoom Whitening Treatment you will receive bleach trays, extra bleach, and relief gel (pre and post). The whole process takes about an hour and a half. During your treatment they'll cover your gums to protect it from the bleach and light, put a little lip chap on your lips so they don't dry out, and make sure you're pain free!!!

There's 4 sessions of 15min and its completely up to you if you want to get all the treatments (I suggest doing all 4 but your teeth sensitivity may say other wise). Once that's done you're ready to go! Shine bright like RiRi said!!

Here's where things get better!! All my subscribers will get $100 off their treatment through the holidays (trust me, you want that $100 off)!! I have sent out an email with all the deets!! If you're not a subscriber yet... GO SUBSCRIBE!!! I'll make sure you get your email!!

Happy Whitening!!

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