Top Houston Trainer Leo Johnson Opens a new Gym

Houston's got a new gym and it's filling up fast!!

I love trying out different classes but when it comes to full body cardio and weight training there's only a few trainers I trust and Leo Johnson is one of them. You'll see a wide range of people working out from beginners to professional athletes but it's guaranteed that you'll get whatever is needed to reach your goals. I've been working out with Leo a little over three years now but due to my travel schedule I tend to skip a few days.. weeks...months haha and I pay for it every time! I'd tell you more about all the workouts but I'd rather show you. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a cute workout video! I sweat like no other and look terrible doing it BUT we get it in!! Check it out and come join me!! Congrats on the new gym LEO!!

Instagram: @LJPerformance


Top Gym in Houston:

LJ PerformanceTraining

5717 Richmond Ave

Houston, Tx 77057

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