Views & Boujee Floats

Austin, Texas — My sister and I try our hardest to take a trip together at least one to two times per year, but since she has a newborn on the way, we figured this may be the last time we get to travel together for a while. We wanted this trip to be chill and relaxing so we can reflect on 2017 and get our minds right for 2018! The AirBnB that we stayed at was AMAZING, we got a chance to walk alongside the Colorado River, eat good and reflect on life!


“This Is A Siiiiiick View”

We were in Westlake Hills, overlooking the beautiful terrain. Floor to ceiling windows, breathtaking views, clean, homey, modern and chic! Everything was within a 20-minute drive (mainly because our patience is low and we don’t want to drive too far) and the walking/bike trails were close by as well! Our host was extremely nice and hospitable!

Let’s Eat

“Wait ... Is This Really Vegetarian?”

We managed to hit up some yummy restaurants, but there was one spot that completely blew our minds! Caroline on Congress Avenue had a dish called “Wild Mushroom Bolognese” that my sister and I devoured (mainly her, haha)!! I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms, but the way this pasta was set up, you’d think I was crazy about them. We tried our hardest to get the recipe from the chef. We were unsuccessful, but we did figure out a few ingredients.

Or Nah

“The Boujeeist Float We’ve Ever Had”

As we sat in the window of June’s restaurant, we noticed people walking by with large cups of ice cream, so of course, we had to make that our last stop before we got on the road! Turns out, the large cups were coming from a cute antique candy shop named “Big Top Candy Shop!” My eyes instantly lit up because CANDY IS LIFE for me and we found out they had ROOT BEER FLOATS!! I get my candy, order my float and this is when things took a tragic turn! I’m watching the gentleman make my float and realize there’s NO REAL ROOT BEER and it’s just flavoring mixed with carbonated sugar water (or something to that affect)! THEN they gave us ONE scoop of ice cream!!!! We were so disappointed and had a good laugh in the car when we realized we were drinking the boujeeist root beer float ever!! I’ll pass on that next time, BUT they did have all the candy I could possibly ask for, even the candy cigs (you know about these if you loved the ice cream truck as a kid).

Needless to say our trip was D-O-P-E and Austin will definitely see us again!! Below, you will find a list with links and pictures to all the places we experienced in Austin! Go visit, tag me in your photos on social media and tell me what you think!


941 Roadrunner Road, Austin, TX 78746, United States


Magnolia Cafe - Local Diner

Caroline - American Restaurant & Coffee House

Kerbey Lane - Spanish American Cafe

Mozart’s Coffee - Coffee Roasters & Bakery

Bufalina - Neapolitan Style Pizza & Wine

June’s All Day - Cozy American Cafe & Bar

Big Top Candy Shop - Antique Candy & Ice Cream Shop

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